We wanted the A Wondrous Place production to be inspired by as many different perspectives as possible, so each week from September 2012 to February 2013 we handed over this website to a different guest blogger and asked them to illuminate the surprising or under looked within their home cities: Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield. 

All of our guest bloggers have chosen to live in the North to make or create fantastic things. We’re including web-links to their sites ‘cos we hope that you’ll want to find out more. We see them as kindred spirits and think it’s ace that they’re all here, together in one place.

We thought that creating the opportunity for them to begin talking to one another might lead to exciting things, so at the end of each week we invited each guest blogger to pose a question about place for the following week’s guest blogger to respond to. And sometimes they were even inspired to create content in collaboration.

Collaborative Guest Blogging:

A Wondrous Northern Mythical Creature part 1, a collaboration between Amy Roberts and Dan Feeney.

A Wondrous Northern Mythical Creature part 2, a collaboration between Amy Roberts and Dan Feeney.

A Wondrous Postcard from Liverpool to Newcastle, a collaboration between Jonathan Greenbank and Degna Stone.

The Wondrous Cities Christmas Special with Hayley Flynn, Amy Mackelden, Amy Roberts and Missy Tassles.


Individual Guest Blogger Weeks:

Click on the blogger’s name to be taken to their personal website/blog. 

Click on the place name to see their Wondrous Cities posts.

Degna Stone on Tyne and Wear

Chrissy Brand on Manchester

Sid Fletcher on Sheffield

Greg Thorpe on Manchester

Kenn Taylor on Liverpool  (Find out more from Kenn Taylor about the inspiration behind his creative contribution to Wondrous Cities, here).

Sarah-Clare Conlon on Manchester

Missy Tassles Part 2 on Sheffield

Lesley Taker on Liverpool

Michael Duckett on Tyne and Wear

Pete Collins on Manchester

Jonathan Greenbank on Liverpool

Hayley Flynn on Manchester

Amy Mackelden and Jake Campbell on Tyne and Wear

Dan Feeney on Sheffield

Natalie Bradbury on Manchester

Amy Roberts on Liverpool

Missy Tassles on Sheffield

Here’s a link to a recent feature on A Wondrous Place from the The Guardian’s The Northerner blog.