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“Unicorn foodstore, cloud 23, Jodrell Bank.” Caro on Manchester.

May 9, 2013 in Blog

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Caro C created Wondrous Place’s original music and sound design.

Top 3 Manchester experiences that you can’t get anywhere else?

Unicorn foodstore, cloud 23, jodrell bank

Manchester is a person – choose three words that describe their personality.

Ballsy, resourceful, a do-er.

What’s tunes should be on the ultimate Manchester soundtrack? Choose three – include song title and artist.

Gideon Conn – Need you around for this melody
Mr Scruff – Get a move on
Janet Wolstenholme – Monkey town

What three clichés about the North of England piss you off the most?
Everyone’s dumb.

What are your Top 3 things that you are you tired of hearing about Manchester?
Scary, always raining, gun crime

A Sgt Pepper Album cover celebrating Manchester. Which three people – alive or dead, from the past or present – should be on the cover?
Emily Pankhurst, Morrisey, Peter Kay

What’s fantastic about your city?

April 29, 2013 in Blog

To inspire the show, we thought we’d ask lots of people, “What’s fantastic about Liverpool…Manchester…Newcastle…Sheffield…?” Listen to what lots of different people said in this voice collage created by Caro C for A Wondrous Place:



So then we asked “What’s the best experience that you can get in your city that can’t get anywhere else?” These are our favourite Twitter and Facebook responses:


from Twitter

@patri5h7 plodgin through the clarts on the town moor when the hoppins are on

@patri5h7 Ringtons tea delivered to your door from a basket. Minchellas in Shields after a paper of fish and chips from the Red Hut.

@NewWritingNorth It’s not Newcastle as such but North Shields fish quay for fish and chips on a cold winter’s day.

@forwardtheatre a 40p cup of tea from the caf inside grainger market.

Prof Richard Barker ?@swrb1 What makes Newcastle/ Gateshead special? @wondrous_place your answer! The Lit and Phil, Newcastle

Anth Osborne ?@AnthOsborneUK the people, the sight of the Tyne on a day like this. The buzz. The places. Awesome. Unbeaten anywhere.

Alison Bell @alisonlaurabell For starters, the beautiful bridges that connect the two.

Amanda Stewart @stewart_amanda Grey Street, jesmond dene, Grainger market, the bridges & the town moor #cowsinthecity

Cherry Cottage @crastercottage #Newcastle – it’s the Geordie passion for the area, the sight of the bridges over the River Tyne the architecture & culture

Gill Carr @ellie99 Attending a show at Ncle City Hall @cityh4ll & feeling the spirit of the fabulous people who’ve played there over the years.



from Twitter

@DirtyLyle Jumping off the train, straight into The Howard for a cheeky ale ahead of a priceless time with my big sis @JillTheobald.

@Spowdog HENDERSONS RELISH, same recipe and location for over 100 years. #sheffield

@victoriacivil being able to work in places like this @SumStudios #sheffield

@danpyt a walk down the hill from Crookes to soak up the atmosphere and pubs of Kelham Island.

@JillTheobald music gigs at @Leadmill & art exhibitions at @PeteMcKee gallery

@Spowdog Famous graffiti across the walkway on Park Hill flats. ‘I love you will you marry me’. Ask Sheffield folk for the story.

@ecollyerbristow walking up Surprise View on a clear day

@Supersonic70s A magical mystery tour around Hyde Park Flats & a visit to the legendary Space Centre near Wicker Arches :)

@proletics cycling to the Peaks thru the Parks from Hunter’s Bar & gawping at the view from Ringinglow on the way

@JohnnyfromDonny Hendersons Relish.  I now live on wrong side of Pennines and just can’t buy it. 

@Fairy_Lindsay71 Well thats obvious really – going to see my family and my nan’s homemade cakes :-)

@GingerElanor there is nothing to beat the buzz of the Crucible auditorium, whether for play musical or snooker. Magical.

@GilesSearby going somewhere and seeing non-Sheffielders bemusement at being told – you can’t come in “while” we’re open

@JonWilkins easy, this weekend, Crucible, Snooker.

@jane_ide Well, @crucibletheatre for starters, obvs! ;-)

@philwbayles Any serious cinephile should check out the @showroomcinema’s monthly film quiz. Best damn cinema in the UK!

@lolpop44 Just being there!!! #LoveSheffield

Emily Spowage @Spowdog The wonderful, tree covered hills. I’ve never been to Hollywood, but I bet it’s got nowt on us.#sheffield

Christine Theobald @theobald_ reliving childhood memories of time spent with me dad in my beloved city

From Facebook in Sheffield

Nicola Smith Hendersons Relish!

Andrew Jeffrey Standing on a piece of land covered in heather that used to be a landfill beside a dry ski slope looking out over the city.

Jon Leyland Walking from your house in the city and within half and hour you’re in the beautiful moorland scenery of a National Park – the Peak District.



@AlabamaRoxanne Start a conversation with the first stranger you meet. Scouser’s do intimate, endlessly bizarre storytelling.

Fiona Darling @darlingfi not an experience as such but the scouse spirit which you get nowhere else & is totally unique!

Martin Richardson @_MRichardson_ Formby Point, red squirrels. Amazing.


Maya Mitter It’s the city itself..the mix of’s a unique daily experience in itself.

Christopher Rakehell Flashcannon Pint and a chat in The Phil.

Scott Carey Scouse solidarity in good times and in bad we come together as one city whatever religion, ethnicity or most importantly footy team!

Lyn Margaret Codman Riding the 82 bus …..never experienced anything more Scouse in my life !!!

George Jones Saying you’re born in the same city as The Beatles…

Jane McNulty The Anglican cathedral – magnificent! (And no, I’m not religious) 

Stan Ryan The people of Liverpool .. The humor, wit and characters!

Sally Fildes-Moss Everyone in the street appointing themselves your Scouse ‘family’ with a right to comment indulgently-but-scathingly about anything you might choose to do in said street…

Martin Kelly Terry Titter 

Louise Baines Shiverpool ghost tours…fab history and street theatre.

Anthony Proctor Sunset over the Mersey in July!

Sam Freeman Neopolitan Cheesecake from The Quarter – 3 layers of joy, utter joy…

Paul Amann Scouse at 31 Mathew Street, best there is!

Lilian T Rouble Chapman Basil Rathbone, Derek Nimmo, Tom Bell, Rex Harrison, Ken Dodd! to name but a few!

Lilian T Rouble Chapman Fake Tans Huge Rollers & Scouse Brows! xx

Tony Penman going to certain places and discovering middle earth


@MrLemur1 What is the best Manchester experience that you can’t get anywhere else and why? @wondrous_place – the humour!

@aj1_uk why a visit to the Royal Exchange theatre of course!

Donald Judge @DonaldJudge Sorry other Arts venues and organisations, but it has to be following the amazing students at @RNCMVoice.