‘Tuned Suburb’, copyright Ron Herron, Archigram.

Northern Spirit want to generate a new, fresh, positive and surprising idea of the North of England, from as many different perspectives as possible. So we’ve created a sister space: Northern Spirit on Tumblr. A public generated scrapbook of all that’s amazing about the four city-regions that we’re currently talking about. We’d love you to visit. We’d love you to contribute. Here’s a link to the Northern Spirit on Tumblr space.
This is the kind of thing we’re after:
  • Photos that you’ve taken that celebrate something surprising, or unexpected, or under-looked, or just the extraordinary beauty, of your town or city.
  • Words and images that express why you’re inspired by, or in love with, your town or city.
  • Overheard snatches of conversation that express – in some way – the distinctive personality of your town or city.
  • Amazing stuff that people should know about – stuff to read, listen to, or experience – with a connection to your town or city. Include a little bit about WHY it’s amazing.
  • Or surprise us.

If we think your post will make our space all that little bit livelier, we’ll publish it. We credit everything that we publish.

For more information on how to contribute, visit Northern Spirit on Tumblr.