• Blood flowed freely from both his nose and mouth. He was forced to sniff and swallow constantly to keep it from streaming down his face. The wet metal taste sickened him and he felt pain deep in his limbs with […]

  • His mind felt like it was cracking open, his eyes were puffy and red, and his skin itchy and sticky. He lay cocooned in his cheap, battered leather jacket and a t-shirt stuck to him by three days worth of […]

  • Daybreak on Anarchy Row

    Hard sun

    brings out the best





    grand and shit


    by thousands of bombs

    Real and

    those imagined

    by people who

    mistakenly […]

  • The room was long and high, but dark and thick with silence. A lack of sound so heavy as to stupefy anyone caught inside it.

    She lived at the top of the house, the bit where the mid-sized Victorian mansion […]

  • ThumbnailLiverpool is a city of extremes and contrasts. One of these is the division that runs through the city from North to South. It may be often overplayed or misunderstood, but nevertheless, it exists in the […]