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Northern Spirit will be creating a brand new theatre show in Spring 2013: A Wondrous Place. To help ensure that the theatre show’s really fresh and lively and spirited, we want to be inspired by as many different ideas and perspectives as possible. So we thought we’d create a big empty space on our website and then, each week, invite different guest curators to fill it. People who we feel possess an engaging and lively way of seeing four Northern city-regions: Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield and Tyne and Wear.  Each week a different guest curator will come up with a surprising way to illuminate the wondrous places that they live within and love.

Their contributions might be factual, fictional, even fantastical, or a playful combination of all three. 

We hand them the keys to the space. It’s theirs for the week, Mon – Sat. (Sunday’s for revealing to you who’s curating the space next).  

At the end of the week, they’ll post a short, snappy creative question about ‘place’ for the following week’s curator to respond to during their time here – we like to encourage cross-city-region conversation, you see!

This new curator, from a different city-region, then picks up the baton and takes over the space.   

We hope you’ll join us as it grows, day-by-day, week-by-week, into a compelling, evolving archive of all that’s extraordinary about this part of the world, seen from numerous unexpected angles.  

Have you got an interesting idea that you’d like to bring to A Wondrous Place? We’d love to hear about it. Find out how here.