Caroline Churchill







Well it all started in 1998 with a damaged back, a double-decker bus as a home and a semi-vintage Korg Poly-800 synth. Forced to be still and horizontal, Caro Snatch started to explore synthesis, music theory, making 4-track improvisations and adding words. And so emerged a category defying, intuitive sound that toys with musical conventions.

The canny toon of Newcastle nurtured the musical rarities with regular live electronic performance. Then there was a spell in the creative mecca that is Berlin before landing in Manchester to mistress sound engineering. Hence expanding as an artist (independent releases, performing live, collaborating, remixing, a feature film soundtrack and a found sound residency), and a recording engineer/music producer (studio sculpting specialisation and performance coaching across the board from spoken word poetry to acoustic and electronic bands).

How would you describe yourself as an artist?

Intuitive artist and engineer in word and sound.

Which place within the North of England is particularly special for you?

Jodrell Bank, Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

And what does this place conjure up in your imagination?

Hope, no limits, boundless vision of Bernard Lovell in the austere 1950s. The curiosity of universal science (the huge great radio telescope) and a love of nature (an arboretum that is a bit of a secret garden). Unassuming and humbly amazing, it was uncorporate wonder until recently eventually exploited.