Beckie Darlington

Producer of Northern Spirit for Haus Projects

Haus Projects conceive, develop and deliver exceptional projects and events.  Specialising in the digital, creative, and cultural industries, we bring a dynamic approach to a wide scope of project ideas, across many sectors. We work with organisations and individuals to push boundaries, excite audiences, and produce ambitious, multi-disciplinary projects. From development consultancy, to festivals, conferences and live events, we always strive to support concepts and ideas of the highest creative integrity.

Which place within the North of England is particularly special for you?

Barter Books in Alnwick.

And what does this place conjure up in your imagination?

It conjures thoughts of landscape, change, and escape.  Barter Books is a beautiful bookshop housed in an old Victorian railway station, and because of its location close to Alnmouth my trips there always involve a beach walk.  Barter Books reminds me of moving to Newcastle 10 years ago, to study literature, and exploring the north east.