Audience Responses To The Show


@danpyt 23 Jun

The @wondrous_place team really achieved their goal of showing a different, vibrant, inspired North.


@danpyt 23 Jun

Delighted to catch @wondrous_place @rxtheatre yesterday. Fantastic new writing, will make heading back to London very difficult.


@jakkicowley 23 Jun

Fantabulous evening watching @wondrous_place the north is a very wonderful place. Go see if you can! The production & the cities that is :)


@katyweir1983 22 Jun

@wondrous_place Didn’t disappoint! Great work! #lovethenorth


@hannahpyt 22 Jun

So @wondrous_place was excellent @rxtheatre this afternoon. 4 strikingly different portrayals of 4 unique, Northern cities. May have cried.


@JamieBTW 20 Jun

Really enjoyed @wondrous_place tonight would recommend to anyone who is northern (born or honorary) and proud!!


@bottc 19 Jun

Loved @wondrous_place at @rxtheatre. Cracking writing @missalicarr @northernluke @monkeywood Sarah & @MaheHartley. A wondrous production.


@bottc 19 Jun

@missalicarr: Your play was awesome. Funny, charming and a celebration of place. Want to straddle the Tyne!


@CatChappelle 19 Jun

Really loved seeing @wondrous_place yesterday @rxtheatre #northernpride


@700words 13 Jun

not one, but two blog posts, inspired by @wondrous_place and my own favourite manchester landmark @rxtheatre


@700words 13 Jun

@rxtheatre @wondrous_place here’s the link for the second one just in case you missed it! …


@Kathrynalina 14 Jun

It’s romantic up North! Lovely positive hopeful show @wondrous_place @rxtheatre till Sat 22nd. Do go and remember why we live here.


@naomikashiwagi 14 Jun

Wondrous Place at @rxtheatre was brilliantly evocative and wondrous.


@ChippedRedNails 11 Jun

@wondrous_place @rxtheatre fantastic, avoided cliches and made me proud #madeinthenorth


@Seleza 11 Jun

Really enjoyed @wondrous_place. Bravo @kathrynbeaumont @sallyhodgkiss @adamgsearch #JoshuaHayes


@gennydonne 10 Jun

@wondrous_place last Thursday’s show at Northern Stage was overwhelmingly good. Didn’t expect to cry so much like. Well done all


@liamreeves 7 Jun

@kathrynbeaumont @wondrous_place It was tremendous – I hope the people of Manchester enjoy it.


@AlexandraTahnee 6 Jun

Beautiful writing from @missalicarr in @wondrous_place @northernstage. Loving it, making me feel all warm nd northern n that :)


@OpenClasp 6 Jun

Can’t stop thinking about @wondrous_place – such great writing from @missalicarr, @MaheHartley, @northernluke and Sarah McDonald Hughes


@OpenClasp 6 Jun

We loved @wondrous_place @northernstage last night- Newcastle dwellers we recommend you go & see it tonight #lastshow 


@jillheslop 6 Jun

@wondrous_place is an absolutely stunning piece of theatre – blown away by the quality and care taken with every aspect @northernstage


@GouldingChris 6 Jun

Just seen an excellent production of @wondrous_place at @northernstage including great piece by @missalicarr – well worth the ticket!



Well @wondrous_place is life-affirmingly brilliant. If you can get to the last Newcastle performance tomorrow DO IT! 


@Panic_c_button 5 Jun

@wondrous_place – It is nice to see quality drama that I can relate too. Great little set too. Well done! @northernstage @NewWritingNorth


@Panic_c_button 5 Jun

Well @wondrous_place at @northernstage was bloody brilliant!See it tmrw b4 it heads to @rxtheatre – thanks @NewWritingNorth for a great show


@john_c_conway 5 Jun

@northernstage A @wondrous_place was excellent, but have a heart for we poor souls who have trains to catch. I had to miss the end!


@PaulMarkwell 4 Jun

Have a great show in Newcastle. Saw you last week in Sheffield and it was brilliant. Have recommended the show to a local Geordie!


@hosmond 5 Jun

Brill @missalicarr play about Newc/Gateshead at @northernstage as part of @wondrous_place. Lovely to see new angle


@hosmond 5 Jun

Great night @northernstage seeing @wondrous_place – fresh, brill plays about the North as really is now. Great writing, acting and staging


@LorneCampbellNS 5 Jun

@INKProducer @wondrous_place @northernstage @missalicarr it was cracking wasn’t it. Bold and heartfelt, really proud to have it on the stage.


@INKProducer 5 Jun

@wondrous_place @northernstage Although they were all strong favourite performer of the night def @AdamGSearch – great, versatile actor.


@ellie99 5 Jun

Loved @wondrous_place last night. Made a proud northerner even prouder. Do yourself a favour & catch it @northernstage #RIPDunstonRocket


@INKProducer 5 Jun

Really enjoyed @wondrous_place @northernstage – great to see such high quality new writing. Esp enjoyed @missalicarr piece and Dog by LB!


@Jackwhinfield1 5 Jun

@wondrous_place made me proud to be from Newcastle tonight Amazing show #proud #inspiring


@hclarkestamp 4 Jun

Just been to see Northern Spirit’s @wondrous_place at @northernstage. It was funny, heartwarming, emotional and endearing #goseeit


@FestivalNE 4 Jun

@wondrous_place at @northernstage was fantastic! Highly recommended from the #FestNE team! Well done everyone involved!


@4MYDOR4 4 Jun

Have had a fantastic night watching @wondrous_place at @northernstage. Suddenly extremely proud to be a northerner! #FestNE


@hellfuss 4 Jun

@wondrous_place @northernstage made me feel proud to be Northern. Loved @missalicarr‘s lyrical love letter to Tyneside. Proper canny like.


PDM We saw the plays on Thursday night in Sheffield and they were fantastic – really inspiring with great acting and stage direction. At the Talkback after the show the integrity of the project to show a positive side of our great cities shone through. Go and see it tonight!


@sarahflinton 1 Jun

Just got home from the Sheffield amphitheatre.. Didn’t know it existed until @wondrous_place and it was beautiful. Good night/morning.


@Soul_Love_Inc 31 May

Brilliant, uplifting, new art: @wondrous_place at @crucibletheatre til 1 June. It salutes Sheffield, the North & any city you’ve ever loved.


@TechPsychSoc 31 May

Transported by brilliance last night. Best theatre I’ve seen in years – and it was new writing too @crucibletheatre @wondrous_place


@Malctheviking 31 May

Super @wondrous_place last night @crucibletheatre brilliant cast and performance – still time to see it in #Sheffield Ncastle + Mancr


@jjessicabarber 31 May

such a wonderful night at the @crucibletheatre watching @wondrous_place was so uplifting! perfect mid week treat and met some lovely people!


@IAmScubaMonkey 30 May

@crucibletheatre @wondrous_place Wondrous Place should be called Wondrous Play An absolute delight & a stirring tribute to the northern town


@RebeccaMoules 29 May

@wondrous_place was absolutely superb this evening. The perfect play to sum up a wonderful four years in Sheffield. (Two girls crying)


@RebeccaMoules 29 May

@wondrous_place pleasure, we weren’t expecting the play to have such an impact. Well done and thanks again x


@wilcoxster 29 May

Will be looking at Sheffield afresh after @wondrous_place @crucibletheatre tonight & ruminating on the memories of 17 years lived here.


@mslauralindsay 25 May

@wondrous_place is touching, funny, beautiful & compelling with stunning performances and some brilliant writing.



@DrLauraKing 25 May

Really enjoyed @wondrous_place at @crucibletheatre last night. Beautifully written and wonderfully acted. Highly recommended!


@IanDHall1 22 May

@wondrous_place @crucibletheatre Thank you for putting on such a dramatic and wonderful play. Had tears in my eyes by the end. awesome.


@_MRichardson_18 May

I urge you all to see @wondrous_place. 4 stories, 4 cities. It will make you think of home, not where you live now, but where you’re from.


@darlingfi 18 May

Clever design and captivating writing @unitytheatre @wondrous_place filled me with pride to be not only scouse but northern too. Brilliant!


@MJWootton 18 May

Top night out w/@littlecooksmall watching @wondrous_place & then scran @luchaliverpool – thoroughly recommended!


@littlecooksmall 18 May

Be a tourist in your own town and discover the @wondrous_place on your door step.


@berniewhittle 16 May

@wondrous_place at @unitytheatre is bloody brilliant. It ain’t too grim up North.


@AlabamaRoxanne 17 May

Still a couple more opportunities to catch @wondrous_place @unitytheatre in Liverpool! Saw it Weds&it’s tremendous!


Thank you – we really appreciate it!