Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson has been using mobile phones for creative participation for more than 10 years, and his work includes the Guardian’s SMS poetry competition; City Poems in Leeds and Antwerp, commended in the British Interactive Media Awards, and Free All Monsters! a game for children, families and even grown ups, using a Monstervision Machine, a monster spotter’s guide and the Fluffy Orange Pencil Case.  He is the director of foldup, a community interest company using all sorts of technology to tell handmade stories, and is a founder member of Thumbprint Co-operative, a worker co-operative using mobile phones and the internet for public participation and civic engagement. He has written a feature length drama broadcast on BBC Radio 4, and a collection of poetry, Text Messages. Andrew is a member of the Board of The Poetry Business, one of the best respected independent poetry publishers in the UK.

How would you describe your work as an artist?

Text messages. Monsters. Cities. Stories.

Which place within the North of England is particularly special for you?

Platform 8 of Huddersfield railway station.

And what does this place conjure up in your imagination?

I’ve come and gone from here thousands of times. You leave Huddersfield East or West, but not North or South. It overlooks some wasteground where peacocks used to wander about. I once stood on the end of the platform drunk at night and talked to my then girlfriend while she stood on a platform in Japan, where it was already the next morning.