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Aye, it’s grim up North.

‘Cos it’s rarely expressed as anything else.

We think it’s time to tell a different story.

Northern Spirit is the name of the company. It’s also the name of our endeavour: writers, multi-disciplinary artists and theatre makers from across the North coming together to create a new production for the theatre in 2013: A Wondrous Place.

We think it’s high time for a new way of imagining the North.

We want to see this part of the world with fresh eyes, and in surprising and unexpected ways.

We want to present a more positive, more vibrant and more complex idea of the North of England to the world. It’s a wondrous place.

The North’s also a really huge place – so just for starters we’re talking about four areas: the Manchester City Region, the Sheffield City Region, the Liverpool City Region and Tyne and Wear.

We want to be inspired by as many different ideas and perspectives as possible. That’s why we decided to create a big empty space on our website and are inviting as many passionate people as possible to fill it.

It’s for people to talk about and share everything that’s fantastic, under-looked, unexpected and inspiring about these places.

It’s about celebrating all that’s unique about them.

We also hope to discover what they share.

The North of England’s made up of many different – often contradictory – parts that come together to make a dazzling whole. We’ll be very happy if this website ultimately feels like that. Like a fanzine – a fanzine for four city-regions. A place where kindred spirits share their different perspectives and their passions with wit and with warmth. Home-made looking, perhaps even a bit rough around the edges, but invested with a lot of love and care.

For much more information about Northern Spirit - how  it all came about, what it’s all about, who we are and what we aim to achieve – click on the following:

The Background to Northern Spirit.

Who Northern Spirit Are:

Caroline Churchill

Beckie Darlington

Kate Jessop

Chris Meads

Sam Meech 

Andrew Wilson.

Northern Spirit‘s artistic model – what we’re doing, why and how – was created through collaboration with the project’s participating multi-disciplinary artists. How The Artists See The Project.

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The lovely Kate Jessop designed all the ‘A Wondrous Place’ images that you see on the site.

John Disley designed the ‘Northern Spirit’ logo. Thanks for that John. 

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