“Next door they…” Amy Roberts and Dan Feeney

July 14, 2013 in Blog

The second collaboration between artist Amy Roberts and writer Dan Feeney begins with the phrase “next door they…”

Amy sent her drawing to Dan on one side of a postcard, Dan responded with text. Click on the images for larger versions.



“It was as if they couldn’t hear it at all. The constant clomp clomp clomp, it seemed to make no discernible difference to them, they just carried in abut their business with a careless abandon which suggested they were used to this kind of thing; but how? It wasn’t normal. I’m not even sure that it is legal. This kind of thing could only happen on the dark side of the divide, it’s like Berlin all over again. Yet somehow I respect them for it; why can’t I see past this physical manifestation of things for even just a minute? Perhaps it is time try that new cake…”