Minesweeper, a mythical creature. Amy Roberts and Dan Feeney

July 14, 2013 in Blog

We asked artist Amy Roberts to draw a mythical creature on one side of a postcard, then send the card to writer Dan Feeney to respond to with creative text.

Click on the images to see larger versions.

Minesweeper by Amy Roberts

Minesweeper by Dan_Feeney_800px

“There is something going on up there. In the cloud bars. A series of new breeds are coming out of the shadows and their slippery hands pass over glasses of bubbles, squeak squeak. Who can be held responsible though? Long predicted this, he warned us all. Postman created space, surely he knew it would give these monsters room to negotiate their entrances? Someone could have stopped it there though – we all saw what happened to Patrick. Here we are again though. Foster. Simpson. Piano. What are you trying to do? They have room to feed now; responsibility will be pointed.”