“You’re suddenly in the second most visited national park in the world.” Matt on Sheffield.

May 10, 2013 in Blog

matt-hartley-photoMatt Hartley wrote the Sheffield story in Wondrous Place.

Top 3 Sheffield experiences that you can’t get anywhere else?

The gateway to the peaks, ten miles from the centre and you’re suddenly in the second most visited national park in the world.

Getting called luv/ duck when buying anything/ talking to anyone.


You’ve got to emigrate to Australia. What three things would you miss most about Sheffield?

Sheffield United.
Constantly evolving views/ design of buildings.
Sheffield Cemetery.

Sheffield is a person – choose three words that describe their personality.


What your three favourite Sheffield phrases or words that you won’t you hear anywhere else?

Havin a ‘sup’
Alreet duck/ luv.

What’s tunes should be on the ultimate Sheffield soundtrack? Choose three – include song title and artist.

‘Beginners’ by Slow Club
‘Tonight the streets are ours’ by Richard Hawley
‘City of Lights’ by The Crookes

What three clichés about the North of England piss you off the most?

That’s it’s grey and drab.
That it’s reliant on the south for handouts.
That we’re all beer swilling wife beaters with outside toilets.

What are your Top 3 things that you are you tired of hearing about Sheffield?

Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield Wednesday.

A Sgt Pepper Album cover celebrating Sheffield. Which three people – alive or dead, from the past or present – should be on the cover?

Richard Hawley / Sean Bean / Jessica Ennis