“‘Now then’ as a greeting.” Josh Hayes on Sheffield.

May 9, 2013 in A WONDROUS SPACE

Josh-Hayes-733b576c069911e29e6f22000a1e8b8a_5Josh Hayes is an actor in Wondrous Place.

Top 3 Sheffield experiences that you can’t get anywhere else?

Spending summer afternoons in Forge Dame park by the stream
Having a pint in the Hillsborough club before a Wednesday match, hearing ‘Hi-Ho Sheffield Wednesday’ at kick off, then having a Bovril and a Pie at half time. Perfect Saturday afternoon.
Being able to go out into the Peak District, which is absolutely beautiful all year round, but also having a vibrant city centre, where there’s great pubs, bars, theatres, cinemas, galleries, and sporting events.

You’ve got to emigrate to Australia. What three things would you miss most about Sheffield?

The people. Obviously family and friends because they’re the number one thing that I associate with Sheffield. But, also, the accent, the colloquialisms and the way people speak.
The Peak District being on our doorstep.
The culture. We’re lucky to have top theatres like the Lyceum and the Crucible. Having a huge cinema at Centertainment but also having a brilliant independent cinema like the Showroom. Being able to go and see huge stand up acts at the Arena, or going to small comedy nights at the Lescar or Town Hall.

Sheffield is a person – choose three words that describe their personality.

What your three favourite Sheffield phrases or words that you won’t you hear anywhere else?
‘Now then’ as a greeting. Also, the way our accent changes ‘Alright?’ to ‘Alreyt?’.
‘Mardy Bum’. Noun. For a Sheffielder who is sulking or in a bad mood. ‘He’s got mardy’s on’. (mar-dee bum)
How nicknames sound in our accent. ‘pal’, ‘cock’, ‘lad’, ‘luv’, ‘kid’, ‘duck’, ‘mate’.

What’s tunes should be on the ultimate Sheffield soundtrack? Choose three – include song title and artist.
I know it’s cheating but i don’t care because it’s my favourite album of all time. ‘Whatever people say i am, that’s what i am not.’ By Arctic Monkeys. The whole album.
‘Hi-Ho Sheffield Wednesday’ sung by 25,000 Wednsedayites at Hillsborough.
‘Disco 2000’ by Pulp

What three clichés about the North of England piss you off the most?
It’s grim up north
We’re all working class miners or labourers who wear flat caps and walk with a whippet.
It’s grim up north

What are your Top 3 things that you are you tired of hearing about Sheffield?

Sheffield United are better than Wednesday. Please.
It’s not as good as other Northern cities like Leeds. You try making your way round their one way system…
It’s rough. Who started that rumour?? It’s, actually, the safest city in the UK for violent crime. So there, you great puffter.

A Sgt Pepper Album cover celebrating Sheffield. Which three people – alive or dead, from the past or present – should be on the cover?

My Mum and Dad, because they are the first two people i text when i set off up the M1 to come home.
David Hirst. Because he’s a Wednesday hero.
Sean Bean. Because he might be RADA trained but he still sounds like he never left. And it took them 3 arrows to take him down in Lord of the Rings. Ray Winstone would have never stayed up that long…