“A Luddite in a dress.” Andrew on Huddersfield.

May 9, 2013 in Blog

Andrew WilsonAndrew worked on the online parts of Wondrous Place.

Top 3 Huddersfield experiences that you can’t get anywhere else?

Really well kept real ale and very tasty pizza at 3am in a lovingly recreated Moroccan style bar.
Cycling over the Pennines from Lancashire in the dark – very spooky, even at 8pm
A truly unexpected, independent and unique radical political group.

You’ve got to emigrate to Australia. What three things would you miss most?

The hills – great for cycling and running up.
Its position, right between Leeds and Manchester. Very handy.
Few degrees of separation – because it’s quite small, if you meet smart people, they will quickly suggest you talk to the smart people they know.

Huddersfield is a person – choose three words that describe their personality.


What are your top three favourite phrases or words that you won’t you hear anywhere else?

women in shops calling you luv – it’s like getting a hug from a stranger.

What’s tunes should be on the ultimate soundtrack? Choose three – include song title and artist.

Small Town England – New Model Army
Black Mask – Nope
I was a King – Misko
Gotov Zam – Fuzia

What three clichés about the North of England piss you off the most?

everyone is a unemployed and a drug addict
everyone has a sense of humour
London is different from the rest of the Britain.

A Sgt Pepper Album cover celebrating your city. Which three people – alive or dead, from the past or present – should be on the cover?

Peter Sansom
Jeremy from Coffee Evolution
A luddite in a dress