“Creative, complex, networked, innovative, realistic.” Sam Meech on the North

May 9, 2013 in Blog

sam_10_webSam Meech designed all the film and projection for Wondrous Place.

Top 3 experiences that you can’t get anywhere else?

Ship n Mitre pub
Statue of Queen Victoria with a penis
IBS Office furniture warehouse

You’ve got to emigrate to Australia. What three things would you miss most?

Everything is pretty concentrated in Liverpool – so much stuff in a small space. I’d miss that ease of walking to where-ever.

Ken Martin and the View Two Gallery on Matthew St – great bloke and lovely gallery space

My studio, and the other freelancers I work with.

Your city is a person – choose three words that describe their personality.


What are your top three favourite phrases or words that you won’t you hear anywhere else?

There used to be a website called Overheard in Liverpool which was brilliant, lots of absurd things people come out with, but sadly its no longer around.
In its absence, some choice word’s would be “beastin’” or “la”. But really you’re as likely to hear 20 different languages.

What’s tunes should be on the ultimate soundtrack? Choose three – include song title and artist.

Nothing by the Beatles. I used to love them but I’m fed up of them now.

I’m going for artists still based in Liverpool:

Wave Machines – Punk Spirit
John Smith – Watch Her Die
Lizzie Nunnery – Englands Loves a Poor Boy With a Gun

What three clichés about the North of England piss you off the most?

for Liverpool:

the self-inflicted reductive branding of the city skyline, as if all it is is two cathedrals, a radio tower and a lamb-banana
the self-inflicted reductive branding of culture as just the beatles and two football teams

for the North

it being ‘grim’. Its not ‘grim’. its not removed. Its extremely creative, complex, networked, innovative, realistic.

What are your Top 3 things that you are you tired of hearing about your city?

The Beatles
Liverpool FC
Everton FC

A Sgt Pepper Album cover celebrating your city. Which three people – alive or dead, from the past or present – should be on the cover?

No one, I’m not doing Sgt Pepper, for the reasons above.