“The whole city at sunrise from The View in Everton Park” Natasia on Liverpool.

May 9, 2013 in Blog

Natasia HodgeNatasia Hodge is Wondrous Place’s Assistant Stage Manager.

Top 3 Liverpool experiences that you can’t get anywhere else?

Sitting on the docks watching the river roll in and all your worries wash out.
Looking out over the whole city at sunset/sunrise at The View in Everton Park – breath taking.
Becoming best mates with anyone and everyone you meet! Be it the pub, the street or in a queue!

You’ve got to immigrate to Australia. What three things would you miss most about Liverpool?

Scouse sense of humour – everyone is a comedian!
Hope Street! Two theatres, two Cathedrals, the best bars and restaurants in the city, 1 dance studio, a yoga centre…but to name a few!
Pan of scouse and unlimited crusty cobs!

Liverpool is a person – choose three words that describe their personality.


What your three favourite Liverpool phrases or words that you won’t you hear anywhere else?

Yer ma – insult
Boss- complement
I’m telling ya – in agreement

What’s tunes should be on the ultimate Liverpool soundtrack? Choose three – include song title and artist.

You’ll Never Walk Alone – Once Rodger and Hammerstein now 100% LFC fans
Penny Lane – The Beatles
Tell me it’s Not True – Blood Brothers

What three clichés about the North of England piss you off the most?

The North is grim and run down – Liverpool has the second largest growing economy in the UK, second to London.
It always rains up North. Yes it rains, but that’s Britain not just up North!
We’re all working class up North. We just work hard! (whatever working class means anyway, we’re all human at the end of the day!)

What are your Top 3 things that you are you tired of hearing about Liverpool?

We’ll rob your watch, and anything else we can find – Liverpool is statistically the safest city to live in the UK with the lowest crime rate after Newcastle. (good on ya Newcastle too!)
Any upset or lies regarding and surrounding our football fans.
Impressions of the scouse accent in general and sterotyping our ladies to be all dumb (Desperate Scousewives did not help mind!)

A Sgt Pepper Album cover celebrating Liverpool. Which three people – alive or dead, from the past or present – should be on the cover?

Ken Dodd
Ricky Tomlinson
John Lennon