Sheffield Wondrous Playlist

April 11, 2013 in Blog, SHEFFIELD

‘Something Changed’ by @pulp2011. My life changed in Sheffield so that’s our song! @Slingy68

Rev & the Makers: Champion of the World. Choc full of the Sheffield spirit. @jane_ide

Sheffield Sex City by Pulp! A celebration of Sheffield, tenderly described, as a lover. @Spowdog

Arctics – When The Sun Goes Down, @WayneHoyle
Richard Hawley – Open Up Your Door, @WayneHoyle
Longpigs – She Said. @WayneHoyle

Has to be the opening bars of Hi Ho Silver Lining, always raises hairs on the back of my neck #SWFC #WAWAW @GilesSearby

Cole’s Corner by Richard Hawley for mentioning THE meeting place in town and a sentiment we’ve all felt. @agathadascoyne

Manor Operatics + audience rendition each year of Tiddly Winky Woo = mutual,local help & love writ large @QuietKnoll

Anything by the Arctic Monkeys, let’s be honest. @_lukedale

I love walking home in summer a bit drunk listening to Tiger Girl by @65dos – it’s carried me along for miles that song :-) @wondrous_place