Moving Into the North

February 22, 2013 in A WONDROUS SPACE, Wondrous Cities

This is Make Your Own Liverpool, a very short film that Sam Meech, who is working on the Wondrous Place theatre production, made with a group of migrant children who had only recently arrived in the city.

The film embodies a great, simple process of drawing out how the city looks when it’s new.

The whole of the Wondrous Place blog has been that process, of seeing places again for the first time, or seeing new layers, like Hayley Flynn’s buildings that were never built. (read more here )

The guides through that process have sometimes been people who have lived there their whole lives.

Others have been people who have moved to cities in the North and stayed, going through a process of becoming from that place. That process led to Chrissy Brand finding the Manchester Businesswoman of the Year 1773, the story of the Working Class Movement Library and the man of a thousand gigs. (read more here )

Blackberry Buns Resize

It led to Natalie Bradbury’s recipes for vegetarian Eccles cakes and urban blackberry picking. (read more here )

And Degna Stone describing passing through, falling in love, and staying. (read more here )

“It isn’t important where you come from, what matters is where we are going together”. That’s a quote from Bashir Ahmad, a Scottish National Party politician who was born in Amritsar and moved to Glasgow when he was 21.

And there is a nice phrase that people in Madrid use: “If you are in Madrid you are from Madrid.”

We could recylce that and make it our own, I’m sure Madrid won’t mind.

If you’re in the North, you are from the North.

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