Missy’s Cartoons of Northern Spirit at the Durham Books Festival

A Wondrous Place Guest Curators at the Durham Books Festival

December 17, 2012 in A WONDROUS SPACE, Wondrous Cities, XMAS SPECIAL

In October 2012 New Writing North kindly invited us to embed ourselves within the Durham Books Festival, the North East’s biggest annual celebration of books and new writing. Their support enabled us to bring together (and actually meet in person for the first time!) four kindred spirits from four North of England cities who have contributed to the ‘A Wondrous Place’ digital space over recent months – Hayley Flynn, Amy Roberts, Amy Mackelden and Missy Tassles. We jointly led a practical workshop with lots of lovely people from the region (more info here), attended festival events together, did lots of tweeting, and had the invaluable opportunity to pool our perspectives on the part of the world we live within and love and to share what we feel are the contemporary points of connection between Newcastle, Sheffield, Manchester and Liverpool.

Here’s Missy Tassles’ cartoon perspective on our time together. Click on each cartoon to see an enlarged version.

The above photograph of us grafting was also taken by Missy (that’s why she’s not in it!).































Tomorrow: ‘A Catcher In The Rye’ inspires Amy Roberts to re-imagine Liverpool…

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