Sheffield Sounds Cartoons Part Two – The Dream Machine

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November 14, 2012 in A WONDROUS SPACE, SHEFFIELD, Wondrous Cities

Sheffield often has cool unique mini happenings – musical events and festivals tucked away all over the city. Many smaller venues have closed down in recent years, but new and inventive ones are springing up all over the place. Huge events such as the Tramlines festival (a city-wide free festival, utilising every venue of every size for a whole weekend in July) are bringing people to the city and encourage every venue and band to get involved. I wish I was more ‘in the loop’ still to hear about more of these smaller events, but here’s an example of one I did manage to get to, in a nice pub venue called The Shakespeare (since expanded and renamed ‘Shakespeares’!) - Dream Machine.

(For a much larger version of the cartoon above, click here. Just click on each cartoon below to enlarge it.)

‘Dream Machine’ Day One

‘Dream Machine’ Day Two

‘Dream Machine’ Day Three

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