Sheffield Sounds Cartoons Part One – A Short History of Sheffield Bands

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November 13, 2012 in A WONDROUS SPACE, SHEFFIELD, Wondrous Cities

Anyone interested in music has a large part of their life coloured in by it. The bands we’re around and listen to with friends at impressionable ages in life often have a huge impact that stays with us forever. There are references in these cartoons to Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation, a record label I helped set up and run for a number of years (with Darren Chuck, Rob Chuck and Mark Velodrome). With Mark I went on to do ‘Thee SPC Live!’ radio show (on Sheffield Live!) for a time, who I’ve also had fun working with on musical projects since. Velodrome 2000 are currently playing successful comeback tour shows (I kid ye not)! There’s also a reference within the cartoons to one of my favourite bands Beachbuggy:

I’ve been lucky enough to go on to work with Jack Straker and Paul Dorrington from Beachbuggy (amongst many other bands) in my current band Flying Wing (there’s a Flying Wing post coming up later this week).


Sheffield Bands Cartoons Part One: Pulp (for a much larger version of the cartoon above – click here).


Sheffield Bands Cartoons Part Two: Velodrome 2000

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And here’s a link to Velodrome 2000′s Facebook page.


Sheffield Bands Cartoons Part Three: Chuck




























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And here’s a link to Chuck on MySpace.



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