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November 2, 2012 in A WONDROUS SPACE, TYNE AND WEAR, Wondrous Cities

It makes my day when I get a letter or a postcard through the door. And it thrills me and shocks me when it is from someone I have not met yet. But most weeks, this happens because I am always – like now – putting it out there that “I love post” ; that you can write to me ; that you can submit a band review for my fanzine ‘Opinionated Geordie Monsters Review the Local Band Scene’; that I will write back or swap zines with you; and that I find one of the friendliest sides of human nature in the things we write to each other, one to one.

I think other people share that same sense. Of how the communication we do on paper is thoughtful, and committed, not halfhearted and not distracted by text messages or checking facebook or showing off in public. And how a letter is a message to YOU, that it has been especially created and dedicated and sent and carried to you. To and through your door. That, to me, is far more of a fillip than the other conventional ways of recognising each other – birthdays, for example, I simply do not celebrate. I don’t get them. But I will write to you.

For Turps see here.

For ‘Even Clean Hands Cause Damage’ see here.

For the other bands and venues mentioned, you are quite capable of google-searching yourself!

The Crack, Narc and Novel have online presences, but it’s good too to turn the pages and feel the paper as you go across town on the number 12 bus. Don’t miss out on that experience by staying home, alright?

The Paper Jam Comics Collective are here, and much more active in the real world than their internet echoes might suggest. Some of them, for instance, have gone and organised the Canny Comic Con in December, which will be a marvellous event.

The Writers Cafe talk on Facebook (just do a search), and they meet here, a great little cafe that keeps winning awards despite operating on a shoestring. The philosophy groups operate outta here.

The Star and Shadow’s website lists its always-changing, always-different events here. One thing we did there in October is here. There’s no reason to think we’ll ever do that again.

And to finish my posts on this blog, I have a question to put to the next stranger. To the next unknown individual with so much going on in their head and through their eyes and in through the ears and out through the body movement and choices and words and ideas that they move through. I would like to ask next week’s guest curator Lesley Taker from Liverpool:

“How has your hometown affected how you see the world? What part of yourself can you put down to the influence of that place?”


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Mike Duckett

I live in my favourite city, I make lots of zines about my thoughts and my travels, and I try to get involved in every piece of underground beauty I can find. I think you should do these things too. And while I hate a lot of things about the way the world operates, I can testify that this is vastly outweighed by the love - real love - to be discovered amongst the music, ideas, creative endeavours and shared experiences we give each other. If you see me drawing somewhere, come sit down and draw with me.http://zine-it-yourself.blogspot.co.uk