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October 6, 2012 in A WONDROUS SPACE, TYNE AND WEAR, Wondrous Cities

Well, we’ve have had a great week posting on A Wondrous Place but sadly we have to say goodbye! Before we do, we’d like to thank a few people, and put a question to Hayley Flynn, next week’s curator. So, without further ado, thank you to Chris Meads for inviting us to work together on this project – it’s been both refreshing and challenging to work together. Writers often spend a lot of time slaving away in isolation, so for us to collaborate on a new project was a real joy and of advantage to our own separate writing projects! We’d like to thank Claire Malcolm at New Writing North for suggesting to Chris our coming together on this blog. Jake would like to dedicate his part in this work to the efficiency of the Tyne and Wear Metro system; a railway network which, despite all its flaws and detractors, makes getting to meet up with all the cool people he has met in Newcastle over the past 2 years somewhat less of a chore. Amy would like to thank Tom Cruise. 

We’ve both hugely enjoyed all the other guests’ posts and we’d like to ask Hayley Flynn, next week’s blogger, this: Manchester is often regarded as England’s second city. In what ways do you think it might deserve this title?

We leave you with a little present: a song by The Lake Poets, aka Martin Longstaff – a phenomenal singer-songwriter from Sunderland whose lyrics about trying to find one’s place in the North East in 2012 are a stellar example of the creativity, honesty and verve that are to be found in abundance in this region.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading! 




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Amy Mackelden and Jake Campbell

Jake Campbell is from the coastal town of South Shields. He graduated with Distinction for his Creative Writing MA at the University of Chester. In 2011 he won New Writing North’s Andrew Waterhouse Award, and in May 2012, Red Squirrel Press published his debut pamphlet of poetry, Definitions of Distance. Follow Jake on Twitter: @jakecampbell88 ; Amy Mackelden is from the Isle of Wight, and did the long distance thing with Newcastle for a long time before committing, which she finally did in 2008. She won a Northern Promise Award from New Writing North in 2011 and her daily microfiction blog,, was shortlisted in the Blog North Awards 2012. Follow Amy on Twitter: @july 2061