Missy’s Cartoon Sheffield: Places – Castle Market Part Four

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September 8, 2012 in A WONDROUS SPACE, SHEFFIELD, Wondrous Cities

This is my final post featuring excerpts from a one-off comic book I produced with my friend Elodie G., combining our experiences and memories of Castle Market in Sheffield – a landmark destined for closure in coming years.  A proper old-fashioned indoor market with fantastic variety and kitsch charm, we wanted to capture something of it and its social history whilst it still stands.


Thanks so much to Chris at Northern Spirit for all his help and inviting me to have a turn at curating A Wondrous Space – it’s a great project with a warm heart, it’s an honour to have some of my doodles included.  Thanks also to the cast of characters who have featured throughout my life and my cartoons so far – it’s all of you and our own stories that build our picture of the world around us that I find inspiring.  I have many creatively inspirational friends, some who have been especially inspiring, encouraging and supportive of projects I’ve worked on over the years and I’d like to add special mention to a select few (in no particular order) – Rob Richardson, Jim Connolly, Anjan Sarkar, Elodie G, Jack Straker, Paul Dorrington, Lizzie Biscuits, Andy Jupp and Julie Cooper at Charity Shop DJ, Adrian Flanagan, Mark Wainwright  – here’s to future adventures! And, of course, Mr Tassles, Little Tassles and my parents for putting up with my ongoing shenanigans.

Chris: Thank you Missy for such beautiful posts – a fantastic start for the space. Do visit Missy’s site.

Next week we’re really pleased to welcome Amy Roberts from Liverpool to A Wondrous Space. We love Amy’s blog I Never Knew You Were Such A Monster - vignettes of grown-up turmoil mostly inspired by the horrors (and splendours) of everyday life. 

But first, let’s have a bit of cross-regional conversation…

Missy: My question for Amy…

Where’s the best place in Liverpool to mooch about for secondhand and vintage tat with friends then get a great big (veggie) fry up breakfast and mug of tea?

Missy x

Amy will respond to Missy’s question next week…

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