Missy’s Cartoon Sheffield: People – Part Two

September 4, 2012 in A WONDROUS SPACE, SHEFFIELD, Wondrous Cities

I walk around a lot in my home town of Sheffield, and living in one place for a while you get to recognise some local characters.  There are two or three interesting looking people who stand out to me, here is one of them…

That One Guy


















Anyone who frequents cinemas in Sheffield will recognise Dr. Shaw.  I since found out more about him (e.g. his first name is Clifford!), and he curated a week of film programming recently at The Showroom cinema because of his local legendary status.

Dr. Shaw


Crookes Co-op…

Whoever you are, whatever your status in life, local shops remain a staple of our daily lives.  Something we’re all familiar with but easily overlooked – here are a few more of the local stars of my everyday life.

Crookes Co-Op



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