Documentary Animation

A still from 'Howard' by Julia Pott.

September 1, 2011 in PROJECT BLOG, R&D Process

Over to Kate:

I absolutely love animated documentary and have seen some amazing moving stuff at film festivals. Unfortunately not a lot of it is online but wanted to share some links. A lot of animated documentary deals with people relaying some kind of experience or first person account with the audience, often of a personal and life changing nature.

Animated Minds was a series commissioned by the Wellcome Trust (commissions science/arts cross over) dealing with mental states such as depression etc. I have seen quite a few of them at various film festivals. Here is the only one I could find online, about schizophrenia:

Julia Pott deals with stories of love and loss in first person narrative: here’s ‘My First Crush’…
…and the gorgeous ‘Howard’…
Jonas Odell is a Swedish animator and one of my favourites ever. He did a series of shorts animating peoples interviews about the first time they had sex. Some were horrific (drunken teenage girl being forced) and some magical and enchanting (elderly Swedish couple who were quite innocent and earnest). Here we go:
I’ve also managed to find an extract of ‘Lies’ online which is a similar structure of animating people’s interviews:







Ruth Lingford made ‘Little Deaths’ animating people talking about their experience of orgasm.Straight/gay/beautiful/guilt, it is all covered! Saw it at the LSFF at the ICA this year and it has won many awards. Not available online but here are some deets.