An Open and Inclusive North

'The Dream', a sculpture by Jaume Plensa located at Sutton Manor Colliery on the edge of St. Helen's, Merseyside.

September 1, 2011 in PROJECT BLOG, R&D Process

We’ve been trying to come up with defininition of what a ‘Northerner’ in a North of the Imagination might be, a way of us avoiding being inward-looking and parochial.
Andrew saw a nice quote in the ‘Rough Guide to Madrid’, which was that there is a local saying: “If you are in Madrid, you are from Madrid.” In response, he then came up with this:
‘If you are in a place in the North you are from a place in the North. If you used to be in a place in the North, and you want that still to be part of you, then you are in the North as well. And if you are somewhere else and you want to be in the North, then you can be.’
That’s about right.